Boxing for Fitness

At Harrogate Fitness, we are always looking to diversify the range of classes that we offer to our clients. With senior instructor Terry Garrick having recently become qualified in the art of ‘Boxing 4 Fitness’, we are now able to host fast-paced and energetic classes that combine the core elements of boxing within an interactive exercise regime.

Classes start at £7 Per Session – Subscription discounts available

Open to all individuals regardless of their existing fitness levels, this class will teach you basics of boxing, its core movements and how to effectively throw punches. In addition to this, it will also teach defensive techniques while increasing strength and drastically improving the conditioning of your body. Undertaking regular Box 4 Fitness classes will also enhance your stamina, which in turn will create greater cardiovascular performance and superior balance. It also offers additional benefits, including:

• Stress Relief
• Increased Confidence
• Drive Weight loss
• Overcome depression and anxiety
• Enhance your Self-esteem Levels
• Interaction with Like-minded People

This type of exercise is becoming increasingly popular, as a growing number of people recognise the considerable health benefits of boxing training and its ability to create optimal levels of physical fitness. So whether your long-term aim is to compete or not, contact us today and book your first class for FREE.

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