Kettlercise Classes

If you have not heard of Kettlercise, you are missing out on one of the most innovative and effective exercise classes of the modern age. While Kettlebells have been a staple feature of gyms and fitness regimes for decades, it is only recently that they have become an integral part of specific strength, conditioning and toning workouts. Kettlercise is the result of this, and this body transformation and toning class will help to improve your strength, endurance and body tone.

Classes start at £7 Per Session – Subscription discounts available

A precise combination of 37 individual exercises that last for one minute each, this relatively short but intense class requires expert leadership. There is no finer instructor for the job than Terry Garrick, who has 15 years’ experience of working with kettlebells and has an in-depth understanding of how to achieve health and physical fitness. Hosted at Harrogate Fitness, Terry’s class will expose you to the following benefits:

• Increased Strength
• Superior Conditioning and Endurance
• Improved Power
• Significant Body Toning
• Greater Flexibility
• Stronger Core Stability

Safe, effective and capable of generating outstanding results quickly, Harrogate Fitness offers advanced Kettlercise classes that will push your fitness to entirely new levels. Book today and claim your first lesson for FREE!

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    "Terry is an excellent martial artist and a fantastic instructor in Wing Tzun (Chun) kung fu. He works hard to constantly increase his knowledge of martial arts. Terry is also an extremely knowledgeable instructor in the fitness industry and has extensive nutritional training"
    Matt Price 6th Dan JKS Karate. JKS England Head Coach.

    "I started Kettlebell classes with Terry a few months ago and love everything about it. Fun and friendly classes, nice group of people and Terry pushes you to work hard. You get the most out of the session and I’m already noticing the difference in my fitness levels and waist size. A fantastic all over body work out that definitely gets results."
    Matt Phelps

    "I have done many forms of fitness training from body pump to working with a personal trainer and nothing has given me the results I have experienced with Kettlercise at TG Fitness.  Every class progresses pushing me to new limits. My body tone and shape has transformed in less than 2 months."
    Alison Day

    "I have been training with Terry for over 6 months, with a main focus on boxing. Terry's techniques for training are fantastic, pushing me far beyond what I thought was possible. Terry has helped me understand core strength, balance, speed and power, with a whole load of nutritional information that has changed the way I eat and train."
    Anil Govind

    "I have been attending Terry's classes for a while now and my fitness has improved so much due to the high intensity and variety Terry has to offer especially the BOXING FOR FITNESS class, he has your best interests at heart and is extremely motivated to see you achieve your goals."
    James Hudson

    "I’ve trained with Sifu Terry in Wing Tzun for a number of years.  Not only is EBMAS Wing Tzun a complete self defence system that will give you a realistic chance of protecting yourself, it’s also applicable to any person, regardless of their size and strength.  Furthermore you’ll be learning from the Chief Instructor of England who’s not only a highly skilled teacher, but also a great bloke too! Highly recommended for anybody who’d like to learn a potentially life saving skill."
    Paul Nichols

    "Terry is a fantastic trainer, having been to both Kettlercise and Boxing for fitness, I had a great time at both, the classes were tough but great fun and my fitness improved dramatically. I'd highly recommend Terry, well worth a visit."
    Lindsay Cumberworth

    "I have been a regular attendee at Terry’s fitness centre for over the past five years. Throughout this time Terry continues to be a source of inspiration in terms of meeting my fitness goals and general well being. Whether you wish to learn a new martial art such as Wing Tzun, or burn those calories at one Terry’s weekly Kettlebell or boxing for fitness sessions, you will very quickly see a difference in your overall general well being and fitness levels to cope with everyday life or other sporting activities that you may take part in."
    Tim Rycroft

    "I am proud to say that I have known Sifu Terry since the late 1980's. Terry is one of the most enthusiastic and respectful Wing Tzun (Chun) practitioners I know. I'm happy that under my guidance and mentorship he achieved the honorary title of 'Sifu'. He continues to expand his skills and knowledge and is currently training for his 4th Technician grade in the EBMAS SCIENTIFIC WING TZUN SYSTEM."
    Dai Sifu Emin Boztepe, Founder and World Chief Instructor of EBMAS