Personal Training

While it is challenging enough to achieve a desired level of physical fitness, maintaining this is even more difficult. Without the requisite levels of focus, motivation and knowledge, it is almost impossible to sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle over time. This is where Harrogate Fitness and senior instructors such as Terry Garrick can aid your course, as they provide the leadership and experience that can teach and appeal in equal measure.

One on One Training starts at £40 Per Session – Discount available on multiple bookings

With our Personal Training classes, you can achieve two core goals. Firstly, you will benefit from a tailored and intensive fitness regime, which is overseen by a qualified instructor with proven motivational skills. Additionally, you will also learn about the holistic connection between diet and fitness and how this leads to a happy, healthy and prosperous existence. These factors contribute to a superior exercise regime which will offer the following advantages: –

• Personalized One-on-One Training
• Motivational Coaching
• The Expertise of an Experienced Instructor
• A Passionate and Inspirational Learning Environment
• Tailored Exercises to Suit your Needs
• Weight Loss, Conditioning and Strength Training

At Harrogate Fitness, our secret weapon is the passion of lead instructor Terry Garrick. His infectious and inspirational manner will drive rapid and sustainable results, so contact us today to book a personal training session and check out any offers that we have available.