When you are in your youth, it seems a given that you will have the energy and desire to work out long into the future. As the stresses of work and family life begin to take their toll later in life, however, you may find that the idea of regular exercise becomes increasingly fanciful and far harder to schedule in.

The trouble is that as you grow older, it is even more important that you maintain a fit body and an active lifestyle.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should always strive to work out, regardless of your preferred exercise or level of physical aptitude. Here are a few more for you to digest:

  1. Your Metabolism Slows as you Get Older

Your metabolism is central to any successful work-out, as it determines the rate at which you burn calories. The issue is that this begins to slow down much earlier than you may think, with men as young as 25 likely to see a 2% to 4% decline in their metabolism year-on-year.

This rate decreases further once you pass 30, and continues to decline for the remainder of your life.

To counteract this, you will need to manage your diet and calorie intake more carefully as you grow older, while also participating in higher-intensity work-outs to optimise your calorific burn rate. Exercising regularly is also key to your success as you grow older, as this helps you to maintain a trim and active physical form.

  1. Regular and Sustained Exercise Boosts your Mental Agility

There is an old adage which says that a fit body equals a fit mind, and this draws the indisputable link that exists between physical and mental health.

This link is constantly borne out by studies, with one of the more recent suggesting that regular exercise for the over-50s could actively reduce the onset of serious mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Various other studies have also suggested that regular physical activity can optimise your levels of mental sharpness and agility as your grow older, which may prove crucial to sustained success in your personal and professional life. While you may have to tailor your choice of exercises as you get older and your physical boundaries change, the important thing is that you remain active and continue to optimise your fitness levels.

  1. You Should Never Place Limitations on Yourself

On an even more fundamental level, we often tend to place limitations on ourselves as we grow older. As the fearlessness of youth gives way to the more considered and cautious outlook of maturity, we begin to place arbitrary restrictions on our goals and daily activities. This includes exercise, as we stop listening to our bodies and start following the whispering voices in the back of our minds.

As a result of this, the restrictions that we place on ourselves are often unfounded. So rather than identifying the types of exercise that we are comfortable with as we age, we avoid physical activity altogether in the mistaken belief that we can no longer run, jump or lift weights like we used to.

It is therefore crucial that we listen to our bodies and continue to push ourselves physically, as this can help you to determine a manageable exercise plan that is tailored to suit any limitations that actually do exist (such as the amount of weight you can lift).

This is actually why so many older citizens take advantage of our personal trainer Harrogate services, as this enables them to work with a trusted professional who can push them and help create a viable work-out plan.

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