In many ways, getting fit is built upon a simple equation: the more muscle that you get to work, the more that you will challenge your heart and cardiovascular system.

This is why high-intensity circuit training as emerged as such a comprehensive method of getting fit, as it targets both strength building and muscular endurance to deliver a truly impactful work-out.

This type of training also moves away from the notion of cardio-only workouts, which burn fat but to little to build he type of stamina and endurance that can achieve long-term fitness objectives.

In this respect, it is clearly important to increase your stamina if you are looking to become physically fitter. The question that remains is how do you achieve this? Here are some ideas to help you on your way:

  1. Reduce Rest Times Between Sets

Typically, fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to take fixed rest times between individuals sets and circuits when training. These usually sit between 30 and 90 seconds, depending on the nature of your chosen exercises and the level of intensity that you perform them with.

In order to boost your stamina levels, however, you should consider reducing the amount of rest time that you have between sets. In the long-term, you should strive to reduce your rest time incrementally, so that you can enhance your endurance in a manageable and ultimately sustainable way.

  1. Prioritise Compound Movements over Isolation

If you are unfamiliar with compound movements, you are missing out on an exercise technique that can build tremendous levels of stamina over time.

As the name suggests, compound moves require you to use more than one joint simultaneously, and often manifest themselves in the form of pull-ups, squats and entry-level exercises such as step-ups.

This will improve your endurance more than solitary exercises, as they ask questions of your body and elevate your heart rate considerably.

  1. Leverage Hybrid Exercises

If you do perform squats, you should consider undertaking this exercise with an added overhead press. This is commonly referred to as a hybrid exercise, and one which takes two completely separate movements and combines them in a single activity.

This instantly increases the number of muscles that you are able to work with a single movement, which in turn stimulates your heart muscles and boosts stamina.

This is also the principle that underpins exercises classes such as body pump, which combine a variety of aerobic activities with variable free weights.

  1. Add Explosive Movements to your Workout

As you can probably tell by now, the combination of specific movements is key to increasing your stamina through exercise. Just as intensity is important when performing a work-out, however, you can also benefit by introducing urgent and explosive movements when exercising.

Explosive movements may be energy sapping, but they also challenge your strength and endurance simultaneously. This can also increase the speed and the intensity of your work-out, enabling you to push yourself further and develop your stamina levels successfully.

Burpees, power push-ups and box jumps all represent examples of explosive movements, and these can be easily integrated into a variety of work-outs.

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