For some, the idea of moderation is something that remains beyond them during the course of everyday life. This is why so many people strive to eliminate things like sugar and saturated fat from their diet completely when trying to get fit, in the hope that their goals will be attained more quickly.

Such an approach is unsustainable, however, unless you have impeccable willpower that scarcely wavers. The same principle can also be applied to consuming alcohol, which is often deemed as being to be counterproductive when trying to build fitness.

But is it actually possible to drink alcohol and stay lean? You bet it is, and here are some tips to help you achieve this goal:

  1. Protein and Vegetables Can Balance Your Alcohol Intake

One of the main issues with alcohol is that it pumps your body full of empty calories, without contributing any of the micronutrients that aid good health. Given that each gram of alcohol contains seven calories, this is an issue that can be exceptionally difficult to resolve.

The key is to tailor your diet on the nights that you intend to consume alcohol, as a meal rich with vegetables and protein will deliver all of your body’s core nutrients while also satisfying your appetite.

As a result of this, you can balance your alcohol intake successful, while also eliminating the temptation to dine on convenient, carbohydrate-rich foods during your night out. Remember, the combination of carbs and alcohol is the perfect recipe for a developing a beer belly, so this should be avoided at all costs!

  1. Avoid Syrup-based or Fruity Beverages

The drinks market has enjoyed huge diversification in recent times, with an increasingly innovative range of drinks now accessible on the consumer market. Many of the more creative beverages include high levels of both processed and natural sugars, from sources such as syrup, honey and fruit.

These drinks should be avoided without exception, as not only will they fuel your body with empty calories but they will also increase your sugar intake and quickly build body fat. Cocktails pose a particular issue, with drinks such as the famous Margarita often containing between 500 and 600 calories and up to 100 grams of sugar

So, when you are out on the town be sure to stick to basic, largely sugar-free beverages that will not add unnecessary layers of fat by themselves.

  1. Perform High Intensity Work-outs Prior to Your Big Night Out

Preparing your body is key before a big night out, as you look to boost its capacity for processing the empty calories that you are looking to consume through alcohol.

By completing a full body, high intensify work out a few hours before you head out, you will increase your metabolism just in time to hit the bars. This means that the calories you subsequently consume will be processed far quicker, minimising the impact that alcohol has on your physical form.

On a similar note, you may also benefit from undertaking some form of exercise the morning after your night out (depending on the condition you find yourself in when you wake up, of course!) Clearly, this workout may not be the most efficient or energetic, but it is important to at least get your body moving and kick-start your metabolism for the new day.

So there you have it; three tips that can help you to drink alcohol and stay lean. Just remember, common sense is crucial if you are accomplish this goal, while moderation should be a crucial part of your mind-set.

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