In the quest to lose weight or tone our bodies, it is all too easy to become preoccupied with physical and functional exercise. While this is a crucial component of any fitness regime, however, it is also important to consider how we fuel our bodies and the role that nutrition plays in the development of an active, balanced and ultimately enjoyable lifestyle.

According to modern research, whole foods offer the most nutritional value. These include ingredients that are consumed as close to their original form as possible, such as baked potatoes, fruit, vegetables and fresh berries with whole porridge grains. These benefits of consuming whole foods and balancing your nutritional intake are numerous, including improved energy levels, greater conditioning and improved mental aptitude.

These benefits lend themselves to superior physical performance, and at Harrogate Fitness we believe that nutritional education is integral to a healthy and active lifestyle!

Juice Plus

Juice Plus is the embodiment of our approach to whole food nutrition, as it includes juice powder concentrates from up to 30 various fruits, vegetables and berries. It therefore bridges any deficiencies that exist in your diet, correcting any imbalances through the power of quality, wholesome ingredients. Ideal for anyone who struggles to find the time to source and prepare healthy meal plans; the Juice Plus Plan provides a balanced nutritional diet that will fuel your fitness goals!

Rich is vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients (micro nutrition), Juice Plus products can help to correct even the smallest deficiencies in your diet. Using the power of whole foods, it is a breathtakingly simple solution to an age-old problem!

At Harrogate Fitness, we believe completely in the power of whole foods and the Juice Plus Plan. We are also keen to educate our clients on the core nutritional values that will keep them healthy, so get in touch with us today to find out more!

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