Whether you are looking to lose weight your tone your body, employing the services of a personal trainer can be extremely beneficial.

After all, this affords you access to accurate and strategic advice, which can empower you to achieve your objectives quicker while also laying the foundations for a healthier lifestyle over time. Local services such as TG Fitness also provide you with convenient fitness sessions, which can be scheduled around your everyday life.

With this in mind, we thought we would source some interesting statistics about fitness and personal training. Here are some of the most striking:

  1. 50% of People Aged 12-21 are Not Vigorously Active on a Daily Basis

While the market for personal trainers is big enough already, there is considerable scope for it to grow further in the future.

According to the most recent data, and estimated 50% of all young people aged between 12 and 21 are not vigorously active on a daily basis. Such inactivity can cause significant health and fitness issues in older age, particularly as many of these individuals do not understand the core, long-term benefits of working with a personal trainer over time.

If you do struggle to exercise vigorously and on a regular basis, you could benefit by hiring a personal trainer and developing a manageable fitness regime that suits your lifestyle

  1. Only 13% of Men are Physically Fit

This is a quite staggering statistic, and one that highlights the underlying lack of physical fitness in the western world. With just 13% of men classed as being physically fit and a staggering 30% of children overweight, there is a clear and pressing need for people to place a greater emphasis on their health and educate themselves on the best ways of keeping fit.

Working with a personal trainer can help you to realign your priorities and focus your mind, as you look to achieve a level of fitness that can sustain you into old age.

Partnering with a fitness expert can also offer you access to first-hand advice and expertise, which challenges your mind-set and makes physical fitness and manageable goal.

  1. For Every Pound of Muscle Gained, the Body Burns 50 Extra Calories Each Day

When you work with a personal trainer, you will leverage specific exercises and regimes that help you to achieve specific goals. This translates into visible and measurable results, which more than justify any investment you make in hiring a trainer.

This is also reflected by the fact that for every pound of muscle gained, the body burns a staggering 50 additional calories each day. So, by discovering a regime that actively boosts fitness and build muscle, you can enjoy far better results from your efforts over time.

This is something to bear in mind, particularly when you are looking to balance the initial cost of working with a personal trainer.

  1. Burning Fat Also Relies on Your Diet

Personal trainers tend to deliver a comprehensive and holistic service, and one that combines exercise and diet to devastating effect. You should not underestimate the importance of diet when trying to get fit, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or tone your form.

Interestingly, personal trainers will tell you that the quickest nutritional method to burn fat is to access carbohydrate sources from fruits and vegetables. This is opposed to eating pasta and white bread, which is far harder for the body to break down and drives less rapid results.

This type of knowledge is crucial if you are to achieve your goals, no matter what they are or where you are starting from!

  1. Muscle Fat Means Different Things for Men and Women

While many people focus on the BMI (Body Mass Index) when looking to get fit, personal trainers will also keep a keen eye on your body fat percentage. Interestingly, this means different things for men and women, with both genders requiring different percentages if they are to showcase their abs!

In simple terms, men must be close to 10% body fat if they are to show their abs, while women can hover around the 16% mark and achieve the same goal.

The typical male form can successfully showcase abs with between 12% and 13% body fat if they are particularly tall or muscular, however, but this at least provides a guideline that can help to inform your fitness objectives.

  1. Crunches Are Not the Most Effective Way of Building Abs

For laymen, there is one exercise that cultivates abs on the physical form. This is the famed stomach crunch, which a simple but relatively restrictive exercise that is a staple part of exercise regimes across the globe.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this exercise, personal trainers will be the first to tell you that crunches are not the most effective method of strengthening core stomach muscles. In fact, moves involving your distal trunk (which runs from the shoulders to the bottom) engages your entire core and delivers far better results. Studies from Pennsylvania State University have confirmed that exercises such as planks and bridges cultivate exceptionally strong abs quickly, so this is something to bear in mind when considering the merit of individual exercises.

A personal trainer can certainly help to identify the most effective exercises to achieve your goals, which in turn ensures that you can achieve value for your hard-earned money.

So if you have read this much and fancy trying a PT session with Terry Garrick, who offers personal training at an affordable price in Harrogate, get in contact today.

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