Despite being coined ‘that fat man of Europe’ after a report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, there remains a surprising level of apathy towards the prevailing levels of health and fitness in the UK.

An estimated one on four British residents is now classed as obese, for example, while the current rate of 24.9% is the highest on the continent. If this proliferation of waistlines continues at its current rate, more than 50% of all Brits could well be obese by 2050.

The urgency of this situation appears to have been lost on many, with rising obesity numbers making unhealthy eating and inactivity more acceptable than ever before. This is a dangerous conundrum, and one that individuals must recognise and take proactive steps to avoid.

Why hiring a Personal trainer will make your question everything

Our outlook at TG Fitness is quite simple, as we believe that knowledge and understanding is crucial if individuals are to commit to a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle. Hiring a personal trainer is a crucial stage in this process, as this gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and will make you question everything that you think you know about fitness.

So, how will a personal trainer help to change your outlook? Here are some ideas:

  1. Personal trainers will make your question every aspect of your lifestyle

As we have already said, the rise of obesity has changed the perception of unhealthy eating in the UK made it more socially acceptable. This is because the majority of us are followers rather than leaders, meaning that we subconsciously follow dominant trends regardless of whether or not they are detrimental to our health.

Hiring a personal trainer provides a stark reality check, however, as you are confronted with the embodiment of healthy living and educated about the damage that you may have done to your body. This will make you consciously question your dietary habits and approach to exercise, prompting a long-term change to your lifestyle.

  1. Personal Trainers will make you question the Nature of effective exercise

In terms of exercise, you may already think that you are relatively active and enjoy a physically challenging lifestyle. When we work out without expert supervision or guidance we may struggle to hold the correct form while undertaking certain exercises, while we may lose intensity without regular encouragement or motivation.

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to bridge this knowledge gap, as they help us to understand precisely how certain exercises and activities should be carried out. This will make you question the true nature of effective exercise, as your stretch and contract muscles that you never knew existed.

Personal Trainers will make you question the relationship between diet and exercise

The relationship between diet and exercise is often misunderstood, while the importance of the former is almost always overlooked by those who are looking to lose weight. Working with a personal trainer will help you to question this relationship, however, as you look to strike the ideal balance between eating healthily, driving controlled weight loss and fuelling your body for exercise.

Most importantly, skilled trainers will educate you about food and the nutrients that are required to maintain a healthy body. They will also tell you how certain dietary elements such as protein and carbohydrates can help to drive muscle building and cardiovascular exercise, as you create a diet and fitness regime that is tailored to your specific needs.

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