My name is Terry Garrick, and I live and breathe fitness.

During my career as a father, firefighter, martial artist and fitness instructor, I have always believed that health and physical fitness is the foundation of a prosperous life. It is this belief that has empowered my career choice as a fitness instructor, as I aim to share my knowledge with others and help them to make informed decisions about nutrition, diet and the exercises that they undertake.


More than anything else, I have a burning passion for health, nutrition and physical fitness and the relationship between these concepts. This is a key motivational tool when I train others, as they join me in looking to achieve and ultimately surpass their health and fitness goals. Such an innate passion has been formed and developed over 30 years within the sector, during which time I have become proficient in martial arts and assumed the position of chief instructor in England for the EBMAS Wing Tzun (Chun) organisation.

Having achieved a career highlight of being awarded the prestigious title of ‘Sifu’ (meaning teacher), I turned my attention to qualifying as a fitness instructor to help others achieve their goals. This is a journey that continues to this day, as I have continued to integrate highly efficient functional fitness regimes and learn new skills to offer a diverse array of classes. These include the popular ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class at the Hatton Academy, which pushes participants to their physical limits and beyond!

As I continue to develop my own knowledge and experience, I aim to add more classes so that we can continue our journey together. Together with my holistic approach that incorporates whole food nutrition, fitness plans and functional exercise within a single training program, I hope to inspire others and enable them to develop a healthier, happier and more balanced life.


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