Strangely, the merits of Wing Tzun as a martial art and self-defence technique are questioned by those within the sector. These observations are usually based in ignorance, however, as Wing Tzun has been shared verbally throughout the ages and has little documentation relating to its origins or implementations.

The result of this is that many practitioners simply fail to apply this martial art effectively, either through a lack of effort or the failure to appreciate the true nature of the art form. The fact remains that Wing Tzun is an extremely effective martial art, and one that offers excellent defence and protection to individuals.

Why Wing Tzun is also effective as a fitness Aid

In addition to this, Wing Tzun is also an extremely effective functional exercise that offers numerous healthy and fitness benefits. These include:

1. Build Improved Fitness and Coordination

Let’s start with the basics; Wing Tzun is an incredibly effective method of building physical fitness and improving coordination. In terms of the former, it combines toning and conditioning exercise with subtle cardiovascular activity, creating a perfectly balanced, total body workout. Wing Tzun also trains both sides of your body simultaneously, which naturally improves your balance and creates greater coordination and more rhythmical movement.

Advanced Wing Tzun classes also hone your motor skills through fighting, as you learn to attack and defend at the same time.

2. Increase your energy Levels

If you have ever heard of Tai Chi, you will know that its slow forms contribute to your physical and mental development. You may not know that Wing Tzun offers many of the same benefits, especially when you practice its slower movements and more measured forms. From a physical perspective, this translates into improved energy levels over a prolonged period of time, while also enhancing your mental outlook and capacity for endurance.

3. Combat and Relieve Stress

Almost all forms of cardiovascular exercise can combat the symptoms of stress, although there are some are more effective than others. Wing Tzun is particularly effective and relieving mental stress, for example, as it focuses the mind and distracts it from any lifestyle elements that are causing you concern.

4. Enhance Physical and Visual Reflexes

As we grow older, it is a renowned fact that our reflexes diminish. Participating in Wing Tzun classes can help to negate this process, however, as it trains all aspects of the physical form and improves muscle memory. This ensures that your body is able to make its required moves instinctively, which is crucial when looking to ward off danger or a direct threat. Wing Tzun also improves your visual reflexes, which can diminish at even faster rate with age.

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